The Killingworth Volunteer Fire Co utilizes the following frequencies in its day to day operation. We are
dispatched as either “Department 8” or “Rescue 8” depending on the nature of the call.

46.18 mhz- Countywide Dispatch

460.0625 mhz- Operations utilizing new repeater system

465.0625 mhz- Secondary Operations

The new repeater system we utilize was put into service in Nov 2006. The new UHF system cost approx
$150,000 with approx $130,000 of that supplied by FEMA utilizing the Fire Act Grant, the rest were town
funds. The system utilizes a series of radio receivers placed at strategic locations in the area. We
currently have 3 sites operational.

Site 1-Rte 81 Firehouse
Site 2-Little City Rd Firehouse
Site 3-North Madison Firehouse

The system has many advantages over the old “Low Band”. They include

Superior Sound Quality
Ability to use hand held radios throughout town vs Truck mounted radios
Fewer “Dead Spots”
Ability to communicate with more local agencies at large scale incidents
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