The Rescue squad, "Rescue 8", is usually the first unit responding to a medical call or an accident. Members of the
rescue squad are registered as EMRs (Emergency Medical responder) or EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician).
responders check for immediate life threats and stabilize victims in preparation for the arrival of an ambulance
(usually from the Killingworth Ambulance Association, or possibly a mutual aid ambulance from a neighboring
town).Light Rescues 886 or 887 respond to all medical calls, as well as squad members equipped with Trauma/O2
kits in their personal vehicles. " Rescue 8 " in conjunction with Killingworth Ambulance also provide AED (automatic
external defibrillation) response. There are approx. 20 AED's in use, all in different areas of town. In 2006, the EMT's
also received authority to use the "Epi-pen", a needle stick device that administers a dose of a drug used to
counteract certain types of allergic reactions.As of 2016, Rescue 8 has also been trained to administer NARCAN to
counter act effects of Opiod drug issues.

At motor vehicle accidents the rescue squad responders work in conjunction with other members of the Fire
Company to extricate victims and immobilize them if spinal injuries or bone fractures are suspected.
Fire Company Rescue Squad